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Day 6 TIL - Comments
2년 전

TIL (Today I Learned)

// 2022.02.24

오늘 읽은 범위

// Chapter 4. Comments

책에서 기억하고 싶은 내용을 써보세요.

  • Comments do not make up for bad code

  • Most Comments fall Ito Bad Comments

  • Any comment that forces you to look in another module has failed to communicate

  • When? - Deprecated function, Amplification, Hard Logic or impossible to express through just names

오늘 읽은 소감은? 떠오르는 생각을 가볍게 적어보세요

  • I used to create functions or variable names randomly and try to comment well. I also made bad logic or a huge assumption that the readers can understand my logic. 

  • Clean code should speak for itself to readers. After creating my project, I spent hours putting comments besides all the functions and making them wordy or lengthy since it felt good. I am pleased that I learned when to comment and not to.

궁금한 내용이 있거나, 잘 이해되지 않는 내용이 있다면 적어보세요.