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파이썬 챌린지 23기 졸업작품 입니다.
by lynn
2년 전

✔️ 기간: 2022년 5월 16일 ~ 5월 30일

✔️ 총 신청자: 470 명

✔️ 최종 졸업생: 41 명

✔️ 우수 졸업생 완성작

정말 재밌게 잘 했습니다! 학습하면서 실제로 과제를 풀어나가니 한단계 성장한 느낌도 들어요.
다만 마지막 챌린지에 스택 오버플로우 직업 검색 페이지가 막혔는지 안되더라구요!

두번째인데도 너무 힘들었어요! 하지만 재밌었어요. Indeed랑 SO다 바뀌어서 영상만 보고 처음부터 따라가기가 쉽지 않았지만. 덕분에 혼자 삽질하면서 더 많이 배웠다고 생각합니다. 통과 할지는 모르지만 좋은 경험이었네요.

I took classes at the same time every one week without knowing the JS and Python Challenge with the concern of changing my major to CS, definitely it was difficult. However, in the end, the minimum implementation was possible, so it seems to have been an opportunity to confirm the career transition to programming. I probably won't be able to complete Python, but I'm planning to study once more through YouTube cloning with a completion coupon from JS and take Python again because I want to implement it more perfectly. There are a lot of comments on the internet saying that Nico's teaching method is
"Just do it roughly and move on", However, I was happy to have a chance to think alone because the teacher only gave me a big direction and I think the rest is a student's role. Thank you Nico!

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